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My book about the remarkable work of Roger Cook and Taylor County Schools…seven years of zero dropouts. Here is the website.

“WHAT GOT YOU HERE, WON’T GET YOU THERE”  – Marshall Goldsmith

And yet, so many school district leaders are so risk-averse that they continue to do business the way they always have.

The issues that we deal with are often very similar from organization to organization. I enjoy my work helping educational institutions untangle the inputs and find good solid answers to the specific questions at hand. Since forming The School Solutions Group, I have located and formed strategic partnerships with talented subject experts throughout the United States. As a former school district executive, I know that finding the best qualified consultant is a time consuming process and one that is either skipped or rushed in order to meet deadlines or budget constraints.

I am also aware that there is usually pressure to hire local or familiar experts, however their perspectives and solutions are often very similar to in-house staff. We are reminded every day that we live in a global society. Isn’t it time for you to take advantage of the expertise that is available and do education without borders?

So how does this work? Every issue that you deal with is connected to local, regional, and global components. Some are similar, others are quite unique. In addition to the traditional services we offer to educational organizations (strategic planning, capital budget funding, etc.), we also offer something unlike any other. For a firm fixed price, determined in advance, we will develop a list of 101 IDEAS that you can use to solve whatever issue you bring to us. Since we can usually do this remotely, the cost can be very reasonable. (Although, it is related to the complexity of the problem – world peace is going to be more expensive than how to offer more classes at a small high school.) Steven Johnson has written extensively about where good ideas come from.


We want to help.

Mike Raible, Founder and CEO of The School Solutions Group


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