Opening of Schools alphabet

Not a comprehensive list, but a start…

Allocation of faculty, staff, furniture and equipment completed according to projected needs

(room assignments and class schedules completed)

Budgets finalized and instructional unit funds available

Cleaning of facilities and summer maintenance projects completed

Distribution of textbooks and other existing or purchased inventory (science equipment,

musical instruments, calculators, uniforms, etc.) finalized

Enrollments projected

Food preparation and storage equipment tested and operational

Government inspections (fire alarm, sprinklers, fire marshal, health dept., etc.) completed

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning tested and operational

Inventory of existing and acquired media center collections catalogued

Jungle gyms or other playground equipment inspected and repaired

Keys issued and collected from appropriate individuals, locks and lockers operational

Lighting tested and lightbulbs replaced

Mobile classrooms distributed, placed, cleaned  and operational

Notices to parents and staff (back-to-school nights, first monthly meetings, student handbooks,

etc.) printed, distributed and all contact information updated

Outside amenities (playfields, athletic fields and bleachers etc.) prepared

Projection equipment tested and bulbs replaced

Qualified candidates hired for vacancies and on-boarding planned

Routing completed for transportation and other logistics (stops, safe routes to schools, bell

schedules, etc.)

Supplies replenished

Technology, telephony and office communication to and from classrooms (p.a.) tested and


Utility connections operational

Vaccination (immunization) messages printed and distributed

Wayfinding (exterior and interior) and fire exit graphics in place

Xerox machines, laminators, etc. serviced and tested

Yards mowed and landscaping trimmed

Zero in on potential problems, contingent and preventative actions (Potential Problem Analysis)


from    The School Solutions Group    417 Robmont Road  Charlotte, NC 28270   704.999.0435

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