Turnover is a fact of life in educational organizations. They have been particularly prevalent recently.

I have written numerous times about this phenomenon.

Of specific interest is Andrew Blum’s recent post in the Harvard Business Review about what a new leader should do to transition from a bad leader. His advice is applicable regardless of the quality of the previous leader.

  1. Acknowledge the contributions of the previous team.
  2. Enable a vision for the future by creating a space for forgiveness.
  3. Seek to understand your employee’s experience.

“Whether it’s replacing an outgoing CEO or a president, leaders who commit to these practices will unlock the energy and wisdom of the people they lead. In so doing, they will help create a future that is distinct from the past and that makes sense for everyone.”

Use your “honeymoon period” carefully and strategically. Yes, you can probably do most anything legal and get away with it. But you will carry whatever you do as baggage through the rest of your tenure.

Make a thoughtful and caring transition the hallmark of your leadership.

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