What is Strategy?

I believe that sound business principles have a place in the world of education. A good strategic plan is part of that. Just saying that you want to be better than everyone else isn’t a strategy. If you redact your district name and logo from your strategic plan, could it belong to another district?  Every plan doesn’t have to be as unique as one of Seth Godin’s “ideaviruses”, but there are local opportunities and nuances that need to be included. A plan can be a single sheet description of what is important to your district – the chance for leadership to set the course. The more pages in the plan, the better the chance it will become a paperweight or sit on a shelf unused. The plan should explain the “why” and include a little of the “how” – big picture, less detail. Too much of the “how” and you will need to revise it more often. A colleague of mine has shared Mark Sniukas’ overview of strategy. Skim it first, then go back and read what caught your interest.



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