Family friendly: If not our schools, then who?

Okay, we are in the kid business. Who better to take care of our fellow educators’ young children than us? Yes, I understand that budgets are already strained and daycare is not part of public education’s charter…So let me ask you this. How do you feel about as associate whose answer to your very reasonable request is, “That’s not in my job description”? Shouldn’t we feel the same way about an organization that says, “That’s not my job”?

The latest business publications have run stories on  accommodating children at work. Here are two:

As a design professional with many years working in education I believe if we really worked at it, we could find a hundred different ways that childcare could be offered at little cost to staff in a public education setting. Who better to nurture the younger generation than education professionals?

Wouldn’t childcare differentiate your value proposition from you competitors? Wouldn’t childcare reduce teacher turnover and keep you from losing your irreplaceables?

Shouldn’t we at least be as family friendly as the for profit business down the street?

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