When Mathematicians play Football

I am currently helping Weldon City Schools with their strategic plan. One student we surveyed said he wanted to play in the NFL. My first reaction upon reading his comment was that I wasn’t sure that was a reasonable goal.

But researchers tell us that most of our current K-12 students will work at jobs that currently do not exist. I think there is a place for everyone and and every talent in today’s marketplace. It’s about finding or developing your niche based upon your strengths.

There was a noon press conference in Charlotte NC today with Ron Rivera, head coach of the (now) NFC champion Carolina Panthers. During the press conference he was asked why in Sunday’s game against the Phoenix Cardinals he had decided to go for a two-point conversion even though his team led by 19 points. His answer was very straightforward and to the point. His statistician told him it was the right thing to do, and he listened.

Maybe that student will get to the NFL …one way or the other.

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